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Wanted: Top Talent

The Growing Greener Team

Growing Greener Innovations is hiring, and we're looking for talented individuals who work collaboratively and stay current in their field. 

GGI has a strong and demonstrated commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), employing people from diverse backgrounds and giving each person the opportunity to contribute their skills and experience. 

It is our policy that:

  • GGI is committed to creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive working environment where individual differences are valued and respected, in which each employee is able to fulfil their potential and maximize their contribution;
  • All eligible persons shall have equal opportunity for employment and advancement in the company on the basis of their ability, qualifications and aptitude for the work;
  • All employees have a right to a respectful, inclusive and harmonious working environment and atmosphere;
  • GGI will develop and implement deliberate and ongoing EDI strategies in all of our policies and processes, including all phases of the development and deployment of our products and services; and
  • GGI strives to create a Board of Directors and workforce that meets the Canadian Federal Government’s 50:30 objective (eg. 50% female-identifying and 30% other equity seeking groups such as black, Indigenous, and People of Colour and those that belong to sexual and gender identity minorities).

Our executive team is fully committed to the policy and will endeavour to ensure its full implementation and regular reporting.

Career Postings

Thank you for checking with us. We don't have any positions to fill at the moment, but stay in touch with us via our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.