The Grengine™ is much more than just a portable power alternative, it is a complete reinvention of how power is generated and distributed to people. 
Until now, the world has been focused on bringing power to individuals by extending the grid, making micro-grids, or using portable diesel generators - but there are problems with these approaches; grid infrastructure is incredibly expensive, making it nearly impossible to manage the costs of extending the grid to remote areas; micro-grids are somewhat less costly, but still rely on inefficient distribution lines and require a great deal of technical support; diesel power generation is a massive pollutant and expensive to operate. 
Enter the Grengine™. 
At Growing Greener Innovations, we begin our design process at the individual and focus everything on how we meet their individual needs – then we build the technology to fill those needs. 
People are mobile – so power must be mobile. 
Most people are not electricians – so power must be non-technical. 
People’s power needs change – so power must be modular to scale with those needs.
The Grengine™ is the world’s only portable, plug and play, scalable, power system.
We empower people. 
Want to power a rural home, great. 
Want to power a city, no problem. 

Want to power an event, great.
Want to power that wedding on the top of a mountain, no problem.

Need backup power for your personal medical device, great.
Want to backup an entire hospital, no problem. 

We could go on and on.
Be your own power company. Be empowered with the Grengine™.