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GrengineTM Ultralite Solar Combo Perkopolis deal

The Grengine™ Revolution Is Here!

Attractive, lightweight, portable. Meet the Grengine™ Ultralite, the only scalable plug-and-play energy system in the world capable of replacing noisy gas generators, Watt for Watt.

The Grengine Ultralite looks like a battery, works like a generator, and when paired with a fold-up solar charging panel, it’s a personal power grid that will power up your life.

How Does It Work?

The Ultralite is a 480-Watt hour lithium-ion electric generator that anyone, and we do mean anyone, can use. Like a rechargeable battery, the UltraLite can be recharged again and again--from any standard electrical socket in your home, by solar panel, by generator, by car engine, and even by stationary bike. It comes with a charging cord that can do all that! When charged, it powers any device, tool or appliance via its 4 USB outlets, 12V aux outlet, two 3A barrel plugs, and four standard wall outlets for AC power. We bet your stinky gas generator can’t do that.

Silent, fumeless, and sustainable, the Ultralite will power your life as it offers so many uses:

  • DIYers and makers use it to run any power tool outdoors, at the cabin or worksite
  • Filmmakers use it to charge their devices while filming in remote locations
  • Travellers use it for worry-free, dependable operation of CPAP and health-monitoring machines
  • DJs use it to power the party
  • Chefs use it to blend summer drinks and the electric hibachi
  • Landscapers and builders use it to recharge battery-operated equipment on the run

How Will you power Your life?


$1,000.00 CAD $700 CAD

A knockout combo! The Grengine UltraLite and an ultra-portable folding 80 Watt solar panel. Combine the versatility of the UltraLite with a solar panel that weighs 1.8 kg and folds up to 35 x 19 x 9.5 cm. Go anywhere and power just about anything without the need for any technical assistance. Work--or play--indefinitely.

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$750.00 CAD  $525


The Grengine UltraLite lives up to its name. Ultra-lightweight and ultra-powerful, UltraLite is a multi-use, lithium-ion, rechargeable electric generator capable of powering and charging electronics, providing backup power and so much more.

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