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The Technology

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The Grengine™ technology is designed to be infinitely scalable, modular, emission-free and affordable. Keep scrolling if you want to understand the deep, dark, not-so-secret technology behind our products.


Our Grengineers created energy units that fit together like Lego™ building blocks. This means each larger Grengine™ product is made up of the smaller ones, and additional units can be safely and instantly stacked on top of each other to build a more powerful energy system. This infinite scalability means that you can power a lawn mower, a home, and even an entire city, without worrying about shorting out or overloading.


Grengine™ products don’t use gas like conventional generators. Small, portable generators typically produce about 2.6 tons of GHG emissions per year, PLUS tons of carbon monoxide. The World Health Organization estimates that 60% of global carbon monoxide emissions into the atmosphere are from human activities. And the largest proportion of these emissions are produced as exhausts from internal combustion engines (i.e. cars and generators). By relying on electricity and not using gas as power, Grengine™ products are already much healthier for us and our planet.

But we decided to take it a step further by creating products that could be recharged using sources other than electricity, such as solar, wind, and kinetic energy, like running on a treadmill. Imagine getting fit and powering your home at the same time—two birds, one Grengine™.


The Grengine™ Power System is input-agnostic, which means it doesn’t discriminate against how it can be recharged. Seriously, you can recharge it using almost anything—from an electrical power socket to a solar panel to a stationary bike. This gives you the flexibility to set up a power system that works for your situation and geographical location, and the option to go off-grid if you need to.


Because the Grengine™ power system doesn’t have an internal combustion engine for gas, it runs completely silent. Suspiciously silent, even. This eliminates the noise pollution from gas generators that you hear in campgrounds, work sites and neighbourhoods.


When we say that the Grengine™ Power System is stackable we mean you can literally snap on additional battery packs and multiply your power instantly without the help of a professional technician. Everyone from your grandma to a well-trained labradoodle can work it. We wanted to empower people around the world to be able to get the power they need if technical assistance is unavailable. A plug-and-play, scalable and technician-free system helps them do just that.