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The Technology

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World-class batteries, BMS and BESS

GGI has been designing and developing state-of-the-art batteries since 2014. We hold the patent for stackable battery packs, which means we can create batteries and battery systems to meet any specific power need. This scalability, in conjunction with our world-class Battery Management System (BMS), makes the GRENGINE™ Power System more flexible, more affordable and longer-lasting than any other battery energy solution currently available.

This “plug-and-play” innovation offers huge advantages:

  • Scale a system up or down instantly by adding battery packs.
  • Save money on systems because they are right-sized, not oversized.
  • Spent or malfunctioning battery packs can be identified and replaced, reducing maintenance costs and waste.
  • Replacing individual battery packs creates less waste than replacing entire battery units.

Batteries are only as smart as their BMS

GGI employs several top-notch engineers, and Rodrigo Martins, PhD, is one of the world’s top battery management engineers. Our battery management system is state-of-the-art and guaranteed to save money, cut GHG emissions and provide a longer life for the battery. The quality of our battery management systems puts us in a great position to offer larger solutions such as battery energy storage, BESS.

12.8 V Solar / Storage Battery

51.2 V Solar / Storage Battery

BESS in high demand

The demand for Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) is growing rapidly, and there are currently only a handful of companies with battery and battery management systems that are scalable and sophisticated enough to offer long-term reliability and true cost-savings on both grid-tie and off-grid systems. We are one of those companies.

BESS pairs well with renewables, often cutting payoff time for solar in half, and optimized BESS can save energy users hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, depending on the scale of the system and the utilities fees structure in their region. 

Homeowners choose BESS for many reasons:

  • Complete energy independence for off-grid systems
  • Custom-scaled backup power during outages and brownouts
  • Extend the benefits and savings of renewables by storing power for use when the system isn’t generating
  • Reduce grid draw in grid-tie systems, saving money and reducing GHG emissions
  • Avoid high-cost peak and time-of-use fees by staying off the grid during high demand times

Residential BESS Brochure

BESS’s time has come, and GGI offers several advantages over other providers:

We’re 100% Canadian-owned and operated.

  • GGI is a social enterprise with a global mandate to end energy poverty by empowering all people. We follow industry best practices, meet or beat certification standards, and we care about the growth of our employees as much as we care about the growth of our company.
  • GGI plans to manufacture batteries in Alberta within two years, which would give Canada its first large-scale battery manufacturer and help many trade partners to greatly reduce their purchase costs.

BESS pilot projects are running and will inform future projects.

  • We have an off-grid project running in New Brunswick, and we are in the final stages of negotiating projects with several Indigenous communities.
  • We have several grid-tie and off-grid projects started in Alberta.
  • We are negotiating a multi-MW system at a site owned by a Canadian municipality.

GRENGINE™ batteries are cost-effective, award-winning, and patented.

  • Our battery technology is patented, has been awarded an Innovation Award by the US military, and GGI is currently developing battery solutions for the Canadian military under the Power Up and Pop Up City programs.
  • Thanks to the expertise of our battery and manufacturing engineers, we are able to offer very high-quality LiFePO4 batteries at costs that are often 30%-50% less than well-known competitors.
Our Smart Switch battery management system is REALLY smart.
  • It’s proprietary and will scale from a simple battery management system (BMS) to a micro-grid management system and can help utilities providers to stabilize the grid during peaks, reduce GHGs, and reduce draw off the grid during peaks.
  • Smart Switch will address peak shaving, voltage optimization, load balancing, time of use, battery life and will handle multiple power inputs even while discharging.

Smart Switch Brochure

A few examples of our research projects:

  • Multi-MWh solar +BESS solution for a large urban centre
  • Mobile trailer solution for remote sites
  • Power solutions for remote telecommunication towers
  • Power packs for dismounted soldiers
  • Power solutions for temporary military sites


Residential BESS Brochure

Smart Switch Brochure

12.8 V Solar / Storage Battery

51.2 V Solar / Storage Battery

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