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Grengine™ 1000

The Grengine™ 1000 is the world’s only portable, scalable, clean energy and silent generator capable of replacing noisy, polluting gas generators. Seriously, we’re not even exaggerating. It empowers you to create micro-grids of any size, in any location, without needing technical assistance.

 How it’s redefining energy:

  • No-fuss, wire-free stacking – instead of extra gas cans for a diesel generator, just instantly snap on additional Grengine™ batteries as your energy needs grow
  • Portable – take it everywhere for power in emergencies or temporary settings
  • No strings attached – runs independently of expensive and fragile distribution lines
  • Input-Agnostic – charge it back up with a solar panel, off the grid, from your car, or even a bicycle (with a separate cable)
  • Zero-emission – sustainable power that’s good for you and the environment

 What can I use it for?

  • 120 hours of cell phone charging
  • 240 hours of AM/FM radio
  • 24 hours of Inflator Pump run time
  • Approximately 10 hours of powering an oxygen concentrator
  • 2.4 hours of Circular Saw run time
  • Or double it with every battery pack you add

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