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Don’t just live off the grid—become your very own power company. The GrengineSmart Switch is a grid-tied, non-feedback, system that provides energy-efficiency savings, emergency back-up power, lower overall energy costs, and lower GHG emissions. Your system can be scaled up or down with additional batteries, depending on how much power you need. The GrenginePower System also saves you money in install costs, and you won’t even need the help of a technician for adding additional battery packs.

The tech stuff:   

Back-up Power 
Stores energy for use during emergency power outages.

Peak shaving
Saving you money when it counts by reducing power consumption during the most expensive peak usage periods. Overloaded power lines at high-usage times can also result in grid failure and prolonged power outages. By managing load at an individual building level, the Grengine™ Smart Switch helps to lessen these problems.

Automatic Transfer Switching Core
Allows for multiple generation inputs and multiple storage outputs, using intelligent software to switch between sources and loads for optimal efficiency.

Voltage Optimization
Controlled reduction in the voltage you receive to ensure your equipment and appliances are running efficiently. Voltage optimization also improves power quality by balancing phase voltages and filtering transients and harmonics from the energy supply.

Time of Usage (TOU)
Saves you money by storing energy generated during the lowest-cost periods for use during times of day when costs are higher. For example, the Smart Switch will store energy during periods when power is $0.05/kWh so you can use it during busier times when power is $0.14/kWh. This alone can reduce your electricity bill by 30% (or more). It can also reduce GHG emissions by using energy generated from lower emission or renewable sources, such as solar panels.

Transformer and Load Management
By more efficiently managing energy load at an individual building level, the overall usage is reduced, helping to lessen or eliminate power outages due to over-capacity. Lessening the load also helps to increase the life span of transformers and other grid components.

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