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Grengine™ UltraLite

The GrengineUltraLite lives up to its name by being ultra-lightweight and ultra-powerful. A multi-use generator with 480 Watt hours, the UltraLite is ideal for powering and charging electronics—from cell phones to surveillance equipment—providing backup power and so much more. Get it with the lightweight, fold-up solar panel for emission-free charging on the go.

 Why it’s awesome:

  • 480 Watt hours of uninterrupted power
  • Built-in charge controller: connect to a solar panel to charge anywhere – from the top of a mountain to a rural construction site
  • Car jump starter: getting you quickly and safely back on the road in an emergency

 What can I use it for?

  • 70 cell phone charges
  • 96 hours of AM/FM radio
  • 1.6 hours of air compressor run time
  • 2.4 hours of box fan run time
  • 1.6 hours of a split phase 1/8” industrial Motor
  • And so much more