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GRENGINE™ UltraLite Combo


We have a limited amount of 100V GRENGINE™ UltraLites back in stock. Get 'em while they last!

The GRENGINE™ UltraLite solar battery generator lives up to its name. Weighing in at only 13 lbs, the 480Wh UltraLite is a multi-use, lithium-based, rechargeable electric generator capable of powering and charging electronics, providing backup power, running small appliances and tools, and so much more.

The UL can be charged by solar panel, electrical socket, automobile or another generator or battery with the proper equipment. This combo includes an 80 Watt solar panel and all the cables and connections needed to charge the UL.

This is a great gift for outdoors lovers, remote workers, photographers, DJs, and anyone who wants dependable, silent, portable power at their fingertips. The UL has 2 AC sockets and several types of outputs, including USB, barrel and cigarette lighter styles--power many devices at once.